Interesting Facts about Denver That You May Not Know

The city of Denver in Colorado is a distinct community as it blends everything a large city is for with the ruggedness of the old west town it was before. Denver, Colorado is located near numerous outdoor recreational opportunities, and it takes advantage of that by catering to numerous outdoor loving tourists. There are many interesting facts about this huge city, but in this brief post, we are going to mention some things you may not know about it.

The city has ties to the American folk music movement. That’s because Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, and John Denver called Denver home at one time or another.

The Denver Nuggets National Basketball Association team was initially called Denver Rockets when it competed in the old American Basketball Association(ABA). However, when the organization was absorbed into the National Basketball Association(NBA), they had to change the name because the Houston franchise was already playing under the name ‘Rockets’.

Throughout history, there have been three US Navy ships that have been named after Denver. The first is a USS Denver cruiser that served between 1904 and 1931. The second is a light cruiser that commissioned the USS Denver, which served between 1942 to 1947. Currently, there’s an amphibious dock that is called the USS Denver. It was commissioned in the year 1968.

The city of Denver, Colorado has an interesting and rich history. It ideally has everything from great eating spots and nightlife opportunities. It is also home to great teams in every major sport today. Denver is an important city for the residents that call it home and also to those surrounding the area as there’s no other major city in Rocky Mountain region. If you are planning to move or visit Denver, you won’t regret your decision. The city has almost everything and exciting possibilities for anybody for lucky enough to afford to make the trip.

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